Sound 2000 | History
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After graduating from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in Business Administration, Earl York continued his formal education at the Recording Workshop in Chillicoti, Ohio, where he obtained a degree in Audio Engineering. With his sight keenly set on the engineering industry, he returned to his hometown Sint Maarten where he started as an Assistant Engineer at Broneese Recording Studio. He quickly worked his way up to Chief Engineer, where he was responsible for scheduling, maintenance and overseeing all final mixes.


Sound 2000After years in the studio scene Earl’s never ending quest to learn and explore the full spectrum of the audio engineering field led him to pursue his true passion and embarked on experiencing the excitement of live sound. This is where he framed his mind to commence his own Live Sound Company. Seeing the need to provide high quality yet affordable audio services by competent, professional, and friendly engineers, he therefore opened the well-known sound reinforcement company “Sound2000”. The company quickly grew from only providing audio to a full-fledged live production company also supplying staging, lighting and visuals. A true turn-key company!


Earl York, affectionately known as “Churchie”, has worked and toured with International, Regional and Local artists, musicians, producers and sound engineers. His dominance in sound engineering is recognized by many such as Wycleff Jean, and Jimmy Buffet, Gramps Morgan, Onyan and the Burning Flames just to name a few. He is also recognized for upgrading Sound Reinforcement for St. Maarten Carnival Festivities, St. Maarten Heineken Regatta, Anguilla Tranquility Jazz Festival, St. Barth SBJAM Festival and the list continues.


Many within the audio engineering industry regard Churchie as one of the most sought-after live audio engineers in the Caribbean region. He has the ability to utilize his strengths of using his ears, his passion for live sound, and his musical background to mix all genres of music, combined with his calm and smooth demeanor to interact with musicians while mixing. Churchie is truly driven by his passion for quality sound. His engineering career has spanned over 25 years and he continues to make strides to be better by staying abreast with the industry. Earl “Churchie” York is a member of NAMM and AES.

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